After Soleimani prevent him from entering Iraq without a visa .. Abadi is exposed to two assassination attempts

A senior Iraqi official revealed that the US Embassy in Baghdad foiled two attempts to assassinate Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, it was one of them in the planning stages, while the second and reached an advanced stage of implementation. The official said, in comments reported by the newspaper "Middle East" of London, The Abadi has already been subjected during the last period of a number of assassination attempts, however, that was detected by US help for one was in the process of planning by the elements at home and close to the views associated with it Balebadi, while the second was at the entrance to the Green Zone, on the one hand the suspension bridge, which appears to have been a bombing, but it may have been officers confessed to being involved in this process the arrest. He said the Iraqi official, who asked not to be named, the incident occurred between Abadi and Gen. Iranian Qasim Soleimani time ago, when Abadi traveled to the province of Basra and watched the road to Baghdad airport, a large convoy of luxury cars, and when asked about those cars and the procession majestic, one of his aides told him that he returns to Gen. Qassem Soleimani, who will arrive in Baghdad after a few moments, and Abu Mehdi Eng, deputy commander of the popular crowd would be greeted. The Iraqi official said al-Abadi embarrassed of this matter began to draw the overall speed the return of the car to the airport and not to receive Soleimani such a procession, commenting: "Soleimani when he wants to pay an official visit to Iraq it must tell us so, If he wanted to visit Iraq as a citizen of Iran, he should apply for a Visa. "The Abadi in a speech announced, through his presence," your government conference at your service "that there is strong resistance to thwart the reforms undertaken by the government by the beneficiaries of public money and fear loss of those features, "stressing that" in the past to achieve fairness and justice will not back down on the reforms, even cost him his life.