Abadi Office describes Rights Watch report on the liberalization of Tikrit as "sectarian and confirms the occurrence of operations" revenge "

Long-Presse / Baghdad
Information Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi description, Tuesday, Human Rights Report Watch about the battle to liberate the city of Tikrit as "sectarian", revealing the Occurrence of "revenge" by some of the "affected", as expressed surprise at the lack of a visit organized for the city and vision "of the alleged destruction of houses", confirmed that the operations of the organization focused on withdrawal (Daash) and acquitted of acts of destruction and vandalism.
Ebadi said Office in a statement received (range Press) copy of it, "the FAO report, which was entitled (destruction after the battle) focuses on the withdrawal Daash and acquitted of acts of destruction and sabotage, murder and pillage pursued in areas under their control." The statement added that "the organization relied on video recordings is documented and calls for acts of looting, destruction and promised witness testimonies local, and questioned without justification numbers of victims of crime Spyker, which recognized Daash committed", stressing that "this report was full of inaccuracies and certificates undocumented and involves inciting sectarian unjustified and distortion of the facts. "
It pointed out that "the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi issued strict orders on 03/04/2015 military and security forces to address the cases of sabotage carried out by gangs want to distort the victories achieved by the Iraqi army and the popular crowd."
The statement emphasized that "al-Abadi called for troops stationed in Tikrit to the capture of each person to such acts and the preservation of property, plant in Salahuddin province and restore service, and re-population to their homes and hand over responsibility for cities and local police," explaining that "the Prime Minister ordered the withdrawal of People crowd of Tikrit, if security has been edited delivery within the city to the local police, and there were elements of undisciplined some of them have been arrested "."
The statement pointed out that "the fact that overlooked the report deliberately, is that the organization Daash terrorist was and still intentionally booby-trapping houses before withdrawing them to inflict casualties among the ranks of seeking to liberate the Iraqi forces cities, and Iraqi forces have made dozens of victims as it entered booby-trapped houses or through its dismantling explosives placed in and around the homes of the citizens. "
A statement by Prime Minister's Office that "the report focused and without any reservation to the sectarian dimension, although the liberalization of Tikrit process has successfully with the participation of the sons of the city of Tikrit and clans who volunteered alongside fellow fighters from the rest of the Iraqi people," adding that "the city of Tikrit abandoned its population after Daash captured and edited and when the entry of Iraqi forces, the civilian population was not at all, but returned to it after its liberation. "
And the statement that "the measures taken by the Iraqi government to protect civilians led to a return of 80% from Tikrit residents as well as residents of other areas in Salah al-Din, including the role of the region which returned to it most of the population, and the flag up to her population gradually, which means that the citizens in these liberated areas trust the forces that are out there and feel safe most of their presence in areas where displaced it. "
The statement expressed "surprise at the organization's recognition not had for the city of Tikrit, and that the alleged witnesses who adopted them had left the city to the northern areas of Iraq when entering (Daash) to it, that is, they have not seen the alleged destruction of houses operations, and despite all this, the organization relied on the testimony and girl report these certificates that are not properly relied upon the fact that the persons mentioned events far from sites in the liberated areas of Tikrit. "
The statement stressed that "the Iraqi government has allowed for all the world's media to enter Tikrit, and the organization was able to be represented or send their representatives to find out the truth of the events on the ground to get out of the report fair and accurate."
The statement continued, "While we appreciate the intentions of the organization and its efforts in the field of defense of human rights, we look to be reporting more accurate and based on real evidence, and we call on them to cooperate with the official Iraqi authorities also to provide them with the holdings of the evidence and information and statistics documented."
The statement indicated that "Iraq is engaged in a fierce war with terrorist gangs does not sponsor the sanctity of a child or a Senator or a woman, or a non-combatant and kill wholesale innocent citizens", but he also said, "and certainly get revenge operations and reactions by some of those affected," pointing out that "the government and the Forces security, and in spite of the battle conditions and the devastating war, committed itself to respect the rights and protection of civilians and to hold negligent rights. "
The statement stressed that "the Iraqi government's position strongly rejecting any violation of human rights and seriousness in accounting people offenders and bring them to justice," stressing that "the government is committed to achieving justice and protect the lives and property of citizens and to prosecute offenders who kill innocent people and attack on the property regardless of the affiliation and their faith."