Sectional action authorizes exchange managers and to stop social assistance in Baghdad and the provinces


(Independent) ... authorized the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, department managers in Baghdad and the provinces, regardless off and benefits of social protection. According to a statement of the ministry received a (independent) a copy of it on Tuesday, that "the ministry has decided to give divisional managers in the social protection department in Baghdad and the provinces the powers of the launch of exchange subsidies and suspensions precautionary, in a move aimed at streamlining procedures for citizens and target groups have.
"He added that" these actions come based on the reforms made ​​by the Prime Minister aspects pertaining to the work of the ministry and its terms of reference and implementation of the Law on Social Protection No. 11 of 2014 package, "noting that" powers of the subsidies disbursed on or off nisi was confined under the chairmanship of the Committee on protection and authenticates body of opinion in the ministry.
"The statement noted that" the ministry is considering the integration of some like-labor departments and to address career surplus to meet other departments needs after rehabilitation, in implementation of the directives of the ministry on the institutional construction and overcome red tape ".
The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, began the transfer of powers of the three departments affiliated to the provincial councils which circle the repair events and the National Centre for Occupational Health and Safety and the Department of care for people with special needs based on Law 21 of 2008 proc