Deputy for the law reveals collect 68 signatures to ask the presidency of the parliament "to" end the political quotas " 9/22/2015

The Deputy for the rule of law, on Tuesday, for the collection of the signing of 68 vice-presidency of the parliament demanding the abolition of "political quota system" in the parliament and re-examine the formation of the central government, as he emphasized that it was the ministers do not have the "competence or experience."
The MP said Riad Ghraib in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The 68 deputies from different political blocs, signed a request to the Presidency of Parliament entitled to end the political quota system and reforms in the House of Representatives and the adoption of competence and experience to assume the responsibilities."
Strange and added that "demand also includes the central government to reconsider the ministerial cab formed by, many of the ministers came on the basis of quotas and do not have any experience nor the efficiency of the management and the leadership of the ministries," asserting that "the quota system is the basis of the deterioration of the situation of services and the spread of financial and administrative corruption in the institutions Country". Strange and stressed that "the abolition of quotas in the political management of the country will reflect positively on the situation of services and public life of the citizen,