After the contract with Shell: Industry plans to contract with the French company

[Baghdad - where] plans to the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, the conclusion of a partnership with the French company Total, the world, to build a giant petrochemical project to produce. According to a ministry statement, received by the agency all of Iraq [where], a copy of "The minister Mohammed Darraji met, at the ministry's headquarters in Baghdad, the delegation of the French company Total, During the meeting, discuss the creation of a giant project for the production of petrochemicals."
The Darraji had met earlier in the day , a delegation from Shell International and discussed with the delegation the stages of the progress of work in the creation of complex of petrochemical industries in Basra province at a cost of $ 11 billion in partnership with the Ministry of Industry and Minerals Project.
"The statement quoted the minister Darraji say that the aim of the visit the delegation of the French company Total" discussing a partnership project petrochemicals, noting that efforts Nnrkz to diversify income sources in Iraq and take advantage of local products such as oil, gas and turn it into a plastic material because it is required in the offline world, in addition to the extraction of fuel, including the operation of power stations and cooking gas after burning but it's best to turn into industrial materials
"." The success of the project will bring significant economic returns through foreign currency saving of the country through investment, "noting that" the project stay in the province of Basra has strategic implications in terms of containing oil and gas and operate the growing manpower resources as well as the ruins at ports Navy, this has coincided views between Aljanin for the project.
"The statement noted" the ministry's readiness to enter into a partnership with the French Tuttle Company for the establishment of this giant project for the production of petrochemical.
"The, the Ministry of Industry and signed on 29 January last, an agreement with the company Global Shell to create a complex "beacon" Petrochemical $ 11 billion in the province of Basra in southern Iraq, within five years, noting that the project will make Iraq the largest producer of petrochemicals in the Middle Aloost.