Minister of Industry discuss with Shell stages of completion petrochemical complex


Search Minister of Industry and Minerals Mohammed owner of the school, with a delegation from Shell International, which carried out the construction of the petrochemical complex in the province of Basra, progress stages of the work to complete the project. According to a ministry statement, received by the agency all of Iraq [where], a copy of the Darraji "he met at the ministry's headquarters, the delegation Shell International, headed by Hans Kaamb vice president of Shell in Iraq, to discuss the stages of the progress of work in the construction complex of petrochemical industries in Basra province at a cost of $ 11 billion in partnership with the Ministry of Industry and Minerals. "The statement quoted the minister Darraji, emphasis on the" full support for the success of this huge and which is one of the largest projects in the area of the project, and the distinction of being the large economic returns to Basra, Iraq province of projects, as well as its contribution to reduce the unemployment rate by providing no less than 50 thousand jobs.
"He said that the Iraqi state strongly supports foreign investment
For his part, Hans Kaamb said, according to the statement, that" Shell is serious about the implementation of this project is under way and work with the Ministry of Industry and Minerals through direct meetings with the relevant committee of the follow-up phases of the project, which will be a pioneer in the production of petrochemical products with a production capacity of one million, eight hundred thousand tons annually achievement.
"and accept Kaamb" table work on the project progress during the current year and subsequent years, which includes the allocation of the land and to provide project services and other actions concerning in agreement with international companies for the import of project equipment and other details.
"The Ministry of Industry announced in 13 of last August, for preparation and company Shell International, to create a company" joint "between them to implement a project of petrochemical complex in the province of Basra.
The, the Ministry of Industry and occurred in 29 From January last, an agreement with Shell International to create a complex "beacon" Petrochemical $ 11 billion in the province of Basra in southern Iraq, within five years, noting that the project will make Iraq the largest producer of petrochemicals in the Middle Aloost.