Journalistic Statement .. According to the Exceptional Situations of the State .. COI Commissioner Dr.Hassen Al-Yasari apologized to participate in Vienna Conference for Fighting Corruption

COI Dr.Hassen Al-Yasari confirmed in Tuesday 9/9/2015, his apology for participating in the International Conference for Fighting Corruption that held in Vienna capital of Austria. Dr.Hassen Al-Yasari demonstrated the reasons of his apology to participate in the conference that supposed to be hold this week, , to the importance of his existence in the field of fighting corruption in COI, especially in this period which our country witnessed an exceptional situations that required doing the best efforts from all Iraqis’ especially those who works in COI in order to achieve their patriotic aims. It was expected attending of Dr.Hassen Al-Yasari to represent Iraq in the sixth meeting of International Open Working Group that concerns in fighting corruption, in addition to the ninth meeting of assets recovery, where this invitation sent from UNODC.

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