Foreign diplomatic missions in Arbil, "happy"

Twilight News / announced that the Government of the Kurdistan region of Iraq, Tuesday, that a meeting of Foreign Relations Department in the provincial government and the Integrity Commission, diplomats and representatives of foreign missions in the region, has been the talk about the situation in the region and the need to take the stability of the region into consideration and to encourage citizens Tech countries to travel to the region.

In a statement to the government responded to Twilight News, that the joint meeting was held in the presence of Foreign Relations Department in the provincial government official, Falah Mustafa, head of the Integrity Commission in the province, Ahmed Anwar, pointing to Mustafa welcomed the guests and spoke about the goals of this expanded meeting by saying that the Integrity Commission in the province effective institution in Kurdistan is giving a briefing on its work and put their demands to representatives of foreign countries in the region.

And on the political process in the province, Mustafa stressed that the ongoing political parties in their dialogues in order to find solutions to the problems of the region, pointing out that the move proved that the political process in the province is moving through the exchange of views and opinions in a practical dialogue.

Mustafa and shed light on the military and security situation, stressing that the war "Daash" is not yet over and the region still need more backing on the part of the international community continued.

And on the humanitarian situation he noted that the number of displaced persons and refugees in the region did not decrease, but he also said humanitarian aid is not level requirements.

Mustafa and wished to the representatives of foreign countries located in the region, taking into account the stability and urged their citizens to travel to the region by issuing a tour guide (Travel Advice), stressing that the Kurdistan Region is stable in terms of security, political and social area.

Through Mustafa thanked the countries that issued such evidence does not prevent their instructions from the citizens of their countries to travel to the region.

For his part, thanked the Palestinian General Consul in the province Nazmi attending on behalf of the diplomats and representatives of foreign countries in the region, the Department of Foreign Relations of the provincial government to organize this meeting with the Integrity Commission in the province official, returned him an important step in the way of building a developed society on the basis of the institutions and the fight against corruption and the development of human capabilities of all aspects.

He said my presence that as part of his vision for the Integrity Commission in the region, he believes that the province and along the face of terrorists and the existence of the financial crisis, it continues to build a community and the development of individuals, pointing out that this body can walk to society and order in the province to a higher level so it is in the name of diplomats and representatives of States Alajnah ready cooperation and coordination with them.

The head of the Integrity Commission Ahmed Anwar Amtnnanh as well as for the Department of Foreign Affairs for organizing the meeting, briefed on the law and the purposes and tasks of the whole, confirming the progress good pace and will continue to work with the latest trendy styles for the eradication of corruption in the province of Kurdistan.

He added that the body goes several directions for the success of its functions, including full attention to the dangers of corruption on the country by educating citizens and education programs and how to protect oneself from graft and help Aleghanoah departments in the Government to combat the phenomenon of unemployed staff and aliens, explaining that the doors of its body open to citizens for reporting on the state of the phenomenon.

He said he wanted to brief the guests on the needs of the demands of the body for the success of its functions, pointing out that the recent body and do not have long experience in this area and needs its staff to training courses to develop their potential on how to work on the issues.

He also added that the Commission wishes with the help of foreign countries in order to create relationships with similar institutions in their countries to exchange information and to benefit from their experiences, hoping to be the involvement of the whole in international seminars and meetings along similar bodies in other countries.

At the conclusion of cross-official of the UN Office in the province and the official Office of the European Union and a number of consuls were happy to meet the meeting, declaring their support for the work of the Integrity Commission in the Kurdistan region and the experience of happiness.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Palestine Arab Emirates, Turkey, China, Britain, Italy, South Korea, Romania, Hungary, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, the Netherlands, the United States and the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Sudan and the Office of the European Union, the United Nations and the Office.

One side of each of the Kurdistan help Foreign Relations Department official in the province, a mountainous arrows and director of the Council of Ministers protocol Shirzad Azad and a number of advisors and directors of departments and directors of relations Integrity Commission attended the meeting.