Maliki Assistant assassination attempt


Track newspaper / Agencies: security source confirmed that the Information Office of the Vice President Director Nuri al-Maliki escaped from the center of Baghdad Monday, September 21 / September assassination attempt.

He said the source for the 'Alsumaria News', that 'unidentified gunmen attacked a car carrying Hisham al-Rikabi Information Office of the Nuri al-Maliki director, while passing on the double-deck bridge' is one of the bridges built over the Tigris River in Baghdad, pointing out that the 'stapes did not hurt any harm'.

12 dead and 32 wounded detonated a car bomb in eastern Baghdad

On the other hand, killing at least 12 people and wounded 42 others injured detonated a car bomb in the New Baghdad area of ​​eastern Baghdad Monday, September 21 / September.

Our correspondent says that the car bomb was parked amid a popular market district of Second Secretary in the New Baghdad area, pointing out that the bombing resulted in substantial material damage represented a number of burning cars and shops.
Hurried organization 'Islamic state' to claim responsibility for the attack.

On the other hand, security officials confirmed the fall of the number of rockets in the vicinity of Baghdad International Airport, without causing injuries or damage.

An official statement said that he 'fell a number of Katyusha rockets near the Camp Victory, west of Baghdad' in the vicinity of the airport.

The statement added, 'the Baghdad Operations Command was able to discover where the launch of missiles located at a distance of 20 km north of Baghdad Taji area', adding that he 'was foiled launch the remaining missiles'.

Located Baghdad International Airport complex in the west of the capital, and extends over a wide area up to the outskirts of al-Anbar province.

And hit the airport area in the past years bombed with rockets and mortar shells, but these incidents are rarely affect the navigation movement.