The crowd: report «Organization Watch» unprofessional and we will raise a case before the International Tribunal

September 22, 2015 21:22

Zora / Laith Jawad
described the body the popular crowd organization "Human Rights Watch" report without professional and distorted the truth. The military said that the media in the Commission is currently studying the report carefully with a view to the establishment of a lawsuit before international tribunals on this organization which offended the crowd.

The leader of a certain Kazimi the crowd in an interview with (Zora) yesterday: that the organization's report is true and the many fallacies and distortion of the truth, which took place in Tikrit and is designed to create chaos and to spread hatred between Alaracaan.oadavc body the popular crowd, the report stands behind him political views from within the country I did not like the victories that have been achieved at the hands of the sons of the popular crowd, as well as foreign intervention to tarnish the image and reputation of the popular crowd.

Kazemi said that this organization did not address in its report to the crimes committed by the Daash before editing, which means that this organization deals with the events taking place in Iraq, and this double standard loses its credibility and professionalism. He explained that "when the crowd entered Tikrit there was not any civilians inside the city because it gave an opportunity for civilians to leave the city before entering."