Masoudi calls for monitoring money transfer process through private banks

September 21, 2015 19:48

Hilla / Nina:
MP Mohammed Ali al-Masoudi called on the federal government and the central bank and the relevant authorities a broader and more to the movement of money, especially in hard currency between private banks and the countries of the world, including in Iraq to monitor.

Massoudi said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / Nina /: "What happens from money transfers, estimated at billions of private banks need to pay attention and to the intense fear of money laundering operations by foreign and domestic mafias control in addition to the fear of transfer the money to the armed and terrorist views return this money weapons against the people of Iraq.

He added that the members of the Board Representatives directed to the Finance Committee official letters demanding monitors Auctions central bank credits and statements of the domestic banks in order to preserve the hard currency that are smuggled out of Iraq at a time when the Iraqi economy suffers from a severe financial hardship due to the decline and volatility of world oil prices.

He Masoudi The coming war on Iraq is having an economic war has been thwart the military side of it, with the strength and determination of our security forces and the heroes of the popular crowd.