Zora's parliamentary Finance: budget next year is no different from the current year in the items and paragraphs

September 22, 2015 21:27

Zora / Yousef Salman:
In light of the continued economic crisis and low oil prices in the global market, still objects to the fate of the parliamentary doubts the preparation of the federal budget of the Iraqi state for the next 2016 and the size of the investment and operational expenses. The promise of the parliamentary finance committee member Sarhan Slevana that next year's budget in 2016 sent from the Ministry of Finance to the Council of Ministers is not much different from the 2015 budget in terms of items and paragraphs.

He told "Zora": that the budget 2016 sent by the Ministry of Finance to the Cabinet does not differ from the budget in 2015, but in terms of the numbers ", adding that" the proportion of oil revenues in the budget of 2016 amounted to 69 Trliuna, public revenues 84 Trliuna ". "The budget sent by the Ministry of Finance to the Cabinet set the price of a barrel of oil at $ 45, while the total overall size of the oil export 3.6 million barrels per day."

"The vote on the budget for 2016 will take a period of time for quite some time." But the other member of the committee MP Hossam punitive stressed that the exchange rate of the 2015 budget is less than what is written in the budget, because the Ministry of Finance has become a deal a month in agreement with the prime minister in accordance with the principle of proportionality.

He told "Zora": "There are notes in operating expenses between the budgets of 2015 and 2016." "The operating expenses for the current year budget estimated at 40 trillion dinars, but next year's budget will appreciate the 43 trillion dinars, despite the reduction in the salaries of the three presidencies."

And it was a member of the parliamentary finance committee Masood Haider called for a reduction in the estimated price for a barrel of oil in the draft of the Ministry of Finance to balance in 2016 from $ 45 to $ 40, as well as reducing the estimate of the volume of exports of 3.6 million barrels to 3 million barrels per day to reduce the projected fiscal deficit the size of 26.5%. He said in a press statement that "the figures are stated in the 2015 budget were not accurate and it's up to 15% of what degree was as a figure of revenue for another."

He said that "it was incumbent on the government estimated that the real figures for non-oil revenues and in the light of that spending must be specified in the Iraqi state institutions and determine the budget deficit." He stressed that "in the event of keeping the total expenditure on the 113.5 trillion dinars, the amount of the budget deficit will be 54.81 trillion dinars at a rate of 48.3% of the general budget."

He said the "agricultural and tourism sector and non-oil industries have not been allocated in line with the reform plan because the lion's share of the budget was for the security and defense sector, which has identified the highest proportion of the budget and then the oil sector comes then successively education and health, and education." He believed that "2016 will be a complement to the 2015 economic sense and out of this suffocating crisis on the government to take extra-ordinary economic decisions."

He said Haider that "budgets fictional Iraqi state during the last ten years have not reflected on the Iraqi economy, industrial, agricultural and tourist Baktaath as not to activate the private sector to reduce the heavy burden on the state institutions and the creation of employment opportunities for the energies and competencies youth on the one hand and increase the sources of revenue of the state on the other hand" .