Infallible in congratulating Adha calls for more reforms

By Mohammed Emad

22/09/2015 12:30

Brother - Baghdad
Fuad Masum, the president called on Tuesday to congratulate him near the Eid al-Adha solutions to the government to further reforms, respect and protect the rights of citizens and to respect the Constitution as the basis for any action.

According to the text of congratulations infallible received for News Agency (et) a copy of which we congratulate Iraqis and Muslims all near the Eid al-Adha, stressing in a speech addressed to the Iraqi people on the occasion that his feelings go, in particular, also, to the millions of displaced persons and displaced persons, migrants and residents of the areas under terrorism Daash pray to the Almighty care of the country's efforts to accelerate an end to all suffering.

He added with a view of Eid al-Adha, and at this time it stands on Mount Arafat's millions of Muslims of different origins and colors, united and Mtagen, I extend to you my warmest congratulations and blessings of this sacred occasion wishing to Muslims and humanity all peace and goodness, and our greatness and splendor and the unity of the floor and prayed God vacated his ability to make this holiday a good omen and Yemen and blessing on our country, and we insist apron and close to our people on the terrorists, and pass both the political and economic exceptional challenges now, which goes resolutely towards building a democratic political system federal fair preserve the rights and dignity of all Iraqis.

He said on the occasion of the blessed, And as I pray for mercy to the martyrs of our people Alothar who made the ultimate sacrifice what they have for Iraq, and a speedy recovery to the wounded blessed, and I salute their families all of us, And as I extend my highest gratitude and salute the brave for our heroes from various formations in our armed forces and the crowd and popular Peshmerga and volunteers on the fronts the fight against the terrorist criminal gangs, noting that our feelings of solidarity and appreciation go, in particular, also, to the millions of displaced people and displaced pray to the Almighty sought care in order to secure a decent and safe life for them and accelerate an end to the suffering of the population of the areas still under the control of terrorist gangs.

Infallible and alive on this occasion our people of all classes and components for their extreme civic spirit of peaceful upscale in recent demonstrations to demand reforms and the fight against corruption, and support the decisions and actions of positive government in this regard, I also call for more reforms and respect for and protection of the rights of citizens and to respect the Constitution as the basis for any action, We are confident the ability of our people to build a state of citizenship and equal rights and progress.