Oil: We are planning to open up to Africa in the export of crude oil
Date: 09/22/2015 14:29

Oil Ministry confirmed Tuesday that it plans to open up to the African continent in the export of crude oil as a continent is experiencing rapid growth in its economy.
The ministry spokesman Assem Jihad told / information /, that "the fundamentals of the oil ministry is open to the world and especially the African continent as a fast-growing economy," noting that "there are prospects of cooperation with a number of countries, including Egypt, Sudan and South Africa on the export of oil. "
Jihad said that "those lines are important as a help to the growth of the Iraqi economy," adding that "it will help in the creation and strengthening of relations with the countries agreed with them to export oil."
The Iraqi ambassador in South Africa Hicham Alaoui announced Tuesday on the progress of South Africa's request to import six million barrels a month from Basra Alkhvev.anthy / 25 n oil