Sales Tax crash dump loads of Iranian ships waiting in the Shatt al-Arab in three weeks

Alsumaria News / Basra

Confirmed shipping source in the General Company for Ports of Iraq, on Monday, that 14 steamship Iranian loaded, including at least 17 thousand tons of imported cement was still parked in the presentation of the Shatt al-Arab in three weeks without that docked at the port near the stronghold of Basra's city center to unload their cargo, and that Because of the increase approved by the Ministry of Finance on the sales tax.

The source said in an interview with Alsumaria's News, said that "14 Steamboat commercial Iranian loaded, including at least 17 thousand tons of cement have been stalled for nearly three weeks in the presentation of the Shatt al-Arab within trapped between government palaces and bridge Altnomp Iron section without being anchored in the commercial port stronghold of full-time cargoes due to increased sales tax by the Ministry of Finance."

The source, who asked not to be named, said: "steamers 90 sailors, most of them Iranians operates, and they feel very inconvenience because of the long wait, and that their stocks of food, drinking water and fuel take implemented."

He pointed out that "two of the sailors working in the two vessels (Banez 2) and (Khalil 10) need health care because of their illness, but the authorities do not allow for the crews of foreign ships to get off of them, but after anchoring at the port."

He continued, "The General Company for Ports and sent correspondences to a number of official bodies about the confusion quotient as a result of increasing the sales tax on certain types of goods unexpectedly traders and importers, and many of whom refused to pay the tax, which led to the accumulation of goods in commercial ports and border crossings wild, as well as the reluctance of some ships from berthing despite extreme proximity to the ports."

It is said that the port Safwan border land only between Iraq and Kuwait saw in (14 September 2015) peaceful demonstration in which participants from importers, traders and truck drivers rallied at the port gate and caused its closure a few hours in protest at the Ministry of Finance to increase the sales tax on certain types of imported goods, including cars of all kinds, as announced in the presidency of the provincial council (20 September 2015) its intention to address the prime minister to cancel the sales tax and not to be applied in the province only after the outlets within the Kurdistan region border crossings commitment applied strictly.;-إ/ar