Lebanese Newspaper: Washington plans to organize a conference of Anbar tribes

Agencies - newspaper (News Lebanese), revealed Monday, the US administration's intention to organize a conference for the families of al-Anbar province.
In the newspaper report its issue, today, said that "the US Embassy was in contact and intensive meetings with tribal leaders in Anbar embassy in the Green Zone in central Baghdad, in addition to the two databases Ein al-Assad and Habbaniyah in Anbar itself."

The newspaper added that "the conference will be held inside Iraq, but he has not been to determine the place after, and not unlikely to be in the capital Baghdad," indicating that "The purpose of holding this conference, the convergence of views between the Anbar tribes divided about the popular crowd and the American audience.

The newspaper said in its report that "Anbar has seen, over the past few days, the organization of the first exercise tactical to a group of tribal fighters who holds the Washington trained, and number about 2,000 fighters, also pointed out that arming the tribes is an ongoing process, without reference to the central government in Ghalib Alohyan.a / h