Journalists covered by the grant increase pension fund starting next month

Baghdad and babysit - announced the retirement fund of the Iraqi Journalists manager Shafiq al-Mahdi, an increase in the monthly grant amount disbursed to reporters covered by the fund of 200 thousand dinars per month to 300 thousand dinars.
A statement of the Ministry of Culture, "the public received" a copy of it, to say about the Mahdi said, "The increasing amount of the grant came in line with the high prices and the existence of financial abundance investigating the possibility of the increase, which will include the Iraqi Journalists neighborhoods, who meet the conditions, as well as the families of the deceased "noting that it would" pay rate of once every two months and acted from the first of October this year. "

The statement said, "The Mahdi called for an earlier time, all journalists covered by the pension fund or who are not covered by who meet the criteria for benefiting from it, as well as the families of the deceased journalists who have spent long years in the profession of journalism is not working in government departments, to complete their files supporting and providing their applications for inclusion of new pensions to salaries which will see a marked improvement in their value. "

He said al-Mahdi, according to the statement, that "the pension fund will include all the Iraqi Journalists who meet the requirements for obtaining a pension regardless of whether they told reporters before 2003 or after," noting "there is an intention to include a lot of names that deserve salary and retroactively since the beginning of this General as long as there Msthsalh funds of the Fund and a surplus in the calculation of resources by official bodies and legal reports issued in 2014 ".

"There is a future studies to achieve an increase in the amount of the grant after the increase in the Fund's income earned from wages publishing ads and allowances Subscriptions", calling on the newspapers and the media operating in Iraq departments to "activate the activity of the Fund to achieve to ensure social justice through the response of the law to deduct the amount of 5% of wages ads to support the Fund's income, as well as activating the contribution of part of the newspapers and the media subscriptions within the specified ratios in the law. "