Abadi: reforms aimed at Daash quotas and threaten the security of Turkey and Jordan


The prime minister Haider al-Abadi, said government reforms aimed at political quota system. Ebadi said, during his speech at a conference [your government to serve you] attended by the correspondent of the agency all of Iraq [where] on Monday, he said that "political quota system is part of our file reformist, because the controls appointments come from the same party and far from professional and close relatives, nepotism and lack of equal in opportunities for others, principle of the completion of the transaction will eliminate part of the quota system.
"He added that" demonstrations are the warning and alert system and fix it because there is a disparity in salaries and benefits, because some protections for some of the characters equal to the sum of three teams, but in the real measurement of this unreasonable and has developed compared to myself as prime minister, and I saw how much we need, "noting that" this reduction because we are suffering from the collapse of oil prices.
"Among Abadi" We knew that some close associates of us will turn on us after these reforms, which may cost us our lives, "pointing out that" the alternative by [ reforms] is a dictatorship and chaos, but reforms to correct the political course remains and we are continuing that. "And the security situation Abadi pointed out that" Daash effect is not limited to Iraq only, but has begun to affect the security of Turkey and Jordan, and this is a real and realistic threat and not the word of my so must fight organization and response. "He continued that" the security forces welcome today in Ramadi, Salah al-Din, and there is a distress call from the people of Nineveh to free them from terrorist gangs ".