Deputy for Nineveh: reconciliation project to no political parties and unification of vision

MP for the province of Nineveh architectural student, said that the national reconciliation project, which intends to President Fuad Masum did not put forward aimed at political parties and the unification of its vision. The architect told all of Iraq [where], said that "reconciliation is among the motley parties and between countries, but in one country, there is no quarrel, but some differences on the Department of things Kalmalah as between the Kurdistan region and the center, or some laws such as accountability and justice and amnesty." . He explained that the goal of reconciliation is "not political parties at a meeting to unify the vision and everyone looks to the future of Iraq, this perception is fragmented and each side pays towards its regions and its audience this is a mistake and that everyone should work for the benefit of Iraq."
The Architect "The issue of reconciliation is very important As a first step to open the door to other issues.
"The MP for the National Alliance, Jassim Mohammed, said yesterday's [where]," There are 22 billion dinars allocated for the project of reconciliation adopted by President Fuad Masum, returned to him "some kind of corruption," he he said, noting that "reconciliation, President of the Republic Project is a kind of corruption."
It is said that, the President Fuad Masum, sought since taking office last year to launch a project of national reconciliation and stressed the success "by finding common ground as a basis for the unification of visions between all the parties concerned, and provide realistic solutions to get the country to safety ".