Baghdadi issued orders to withdraw Daash prominent leaders from Anbar
Following the organization of the international coalition bombed losses


Iraqi security source revealed on Monday for issuing organization of the Islamic state or the so-called media (b Daash) ordered the withdrawal of prominent leaders in the organization of the Iraqi city of Ramadi to the Syrian territory on the back of preparing for a military operation in Anbar province (118 km west of Baghdad. (

The source, who preferred anonymity told (Basenyoz) that "accurate intelligence reached them that the successor organization of the so-called Daash Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi issued an order to the prominent leaders of the organization to withdraw from the gray areas to inside Syrian territory."

He added that the reason for the withdrawal comes against the backdrop of "increasing the flights carried out by US and Iraqi military aircraft on the strongholds of the organization, which claimed the lives of many elements of Daash, as well as the presence of a major military operation will be carried out in the coming days for the Liberation of the province of organization with US support."

He explained that the leaders Daash stationed in Ramadi, considered the mastermind of the organization, which often depends on them in planning for the implementation of the so-called invasions against Iraqi security forces, as well as carrying out the manufacture of various weapons and ammunition to be used in their operations and that the leaders who are in mostly city from the Russian and German and American nationalities, as well as Arab nationalities.