Iraq, Iran Reach the final version of the draft gas pipeline

Author: AR, HAA, HH
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09/21/2015 14:04
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Long-Presse / Baghdad
Announced the National Iranian Gas Company, on Monday, to reach with Iraq to the finalization of the construction of a pipeline to transport gas between the two countries, while confirming that the draft contract in the final stages.
The director of international relations at the National Iranian Gas Company Azizullah Ramadani in comments carried by the Iranian news agency IRNA statements seen by the (long-Presse) that "Iraq and Iran have reached a final formula for the construction of a pipeline to transport gas from Iran to Iraq," noting that "the Iraqi side initiated Primary operations implementation of the project. "
Ramadan added that "despite the security situation in Iraq, the project continues to be on the agenda, but he faced some delays in decision-making."
He pointed Ramadani that "the implementation phase of the contract to export 25 million cubic meters of gas to Iraq will begin if the signature", stressing that "the National Gas Company of Iran is ready to supply Iraq the equivalent of 35 million cubic meters of gas per day, after a new amendment to the contract gas export ".
Ramadan pointed out that the "gas transfer to Iraq will begin the amount of 5 million cubic Day meters, and it is hoped that up to 35 million cubic meters per day at the completion of a project to extend the gas pipeline from Iran," adding that "Iran has completed its share of the pipeline that extends for a distance of 97 km in their territories, in late August Alamadi ".
The Iranian oil official said on Monday (August 3, 2015), for the operation of the Iranian gas pipeline to Iraq before the end of the month, and pointed out that the amount of exporting gas during the first phase will be five million cubic meters per day, while the likely final stage of the pipeline is completed in March 2016.
The head of the Iranian gas export company, Saturday (June 27, 2015), Iran's gas export plans for Iraq would be jeopardized, while attributed the reason to the existence of the organization (Daash) in Iraq.
The Iranian Oil Ministry revealed on Monday (the fifth of May 2014), it "will be equipped Iraq with natural gas during the current year", and indicated that they "stepped up efforts" to promote the production of gas, and pointed to the "agreement" on private exports of gas to Iraq deal, stressing that Export tube is currently undergoing a "construction operations".
It is noteworthy that Iraq and Iran signed an agreement in 2013 whereby Iran to resume gas exports to Iraq to feed three power plants in Baghdad, Diyala, but two years later was still parked exports.