Legal expert: The Constitution and the laws under public order and morality, and did not provide them

[Baghdad - where] the legal expert Tareq Harb, explained that under the Constitution to impose public order and morality laws that are on the legislation and that this term was not "public order and morality" and the improbable. He said the war in a statement, received by the agency all of Iraq [where], a copy of "Commenting on what was said a member of the Committee on the Rights of parliamentary human yesterday, the term public morals is a moot point on legislation freedom of expression law, we say that this term and this term Word at the beginning of Article 38 of the Constitution, since that article stipulates that the state guarantees that does not violate public order and morality ..] and then count this Article rights and freedoms, including freedom of expression.
"He added that" this restriction is unconstitutional to exercise these freedoms, even if freedom of expression law or media laws or did not address the press laws or printing laws or advertising laws or publishing laws or the laws of assembly and peaceful demonstration on this provision in the text of the law, so the controversy and debate winning about revenue this phrase in these laws or not its proceeds is controversial clinching the Constitution and the debate on it messes maintained sapiens him and Wenzhe prudent him.
"He noted," to invoke this provision and that came these laws are free of it does not even revenue another term in any law of the previous laws contrary to the term public order and morality makes the law vulnerable to Champions building to the provisions of Article 13 of the Constitution that prevented the legislation law that contradicts the constitution.
"He said the war that" this restriction exists in all countries of the world, including democratic nations and homelands freedom, even if it is prescribed by the Constitution or did not mention the law, so that this term represents the values ​​of and traditions of the community and its interpretation varies according to time, place and circumstances, facts and incidents, what is one of the morals of public order in the United States may not be considered as well as in Iraq.
"He added that" what is of public order and morality in this day may not be considered as well, after years, and peace on the He said: virtue of expression must not turn into a vice defamation, and that man is free as long as does not hurt, and that absolute freedom absolute evil, and should not abuse the right and freedom, even if the right to freedom of opinion and expression ".