In partnership with the World Bank .. Iraq Aviation Academy start operations soon


(Independent) .. the aim of local human resources development Iraq Aviation Academy begins its journey to receive applicants to prepare them for work in the field of aviation early next month.

The official spokesman for the Academy Safaa net that the Academy is the royal Academy of license for British Airways in Iraq along with being a partner of the World Bank is working on the preparation of human efficiencies expertise comparable to international experience, pointing out that they pose internationally accredited training programs Cal "I - EASA- AAK IATA - NFCE.

And it adopted the Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority formally consent to the establishment of the first specialized Academy of Civil Aviation Science in Baghdad, targeting an advanced step in the rehabilitation of the Iraqi cadres qualified to lead the Iraqi transport fleet.

He said that all the net for the establishment of the academy proceedings had ended, indicating that the completion of this academy is a national achievement for the insurance needs of the civil aviation sector in Iraq and competencies of qualified and trained in the field of aviation science.

He pointed out that Iraq is in dire need of qualified young trained to advanced work in the management of this important detailed methods, is also working to achieve substantial economic feasibility of Iraq by relying on local expertise.

He explained that those wishing to receive Academy of Sciences study of aviation, noting that the establishment comes amid growing fleet and expanding Iraqi aviation and escalating growth and its need for more trained talent.

He said Iraq was adopted and since the establishment of the fonts on the training of its staff and prepare its pilots out of the country, stressing the importance of adopting the rehabilitation of the human element, which represents one of the most important themes in the major achievement of economic and social development within the country desired.

He stressed the importance to keep pace with the Iraqi aviation scientific and technical developments subsequent variables emerging, and achieve greater harmonization of training programs and the needs of the labor market of specialized national forces, Maaovr job opportunities for Iraqi youth and allows them to education and training opportunities within their own country.