Urgent Iraq named a new ambassador to him in Saudi Arabia

Revealed a source familiar with the Iraqi government on the nomination of a new ambassador to Iraq in Saudi Arabia. The source told all of Iraq [where] that "the Ministry of Foreign Affairs knighted Rushdie al-Ani] ambassador to Iraq in Saudi Arabia." The al-Ani, which belongs to the province of Anbar, has served as Iraq's ambassador to Pakistan. The al-Ani, who was born in 1953 [62 years] is married and has six children and holds a doctorate in history in 2004 and an MA in history in 2002 and Bachelor of Iraqi literature - Baghdad University in 1979 and a Diploma in Education and Psychology - University of Mosul in 1973, and before that was a teacher for 10 years. The move comes after Saudi Arabia declared on 13 September of this intention re-open its embassy in Baghdad and the new consulate in Erbil after the Eid al-Adha holiday, after a quarter-century of diplomatic estrangement between the two countries.
The source explained that "the Iraqi authorities granted visas to members of the Saudi diplomatic mission last week, the government has provided facilities for the members of the mission that will work in Iraq, After completing visa procedures.
"She pointed out that" the number of Saudi employees exceeds 40, including Ambassador Thamer bin Sabhan Sabhan, which it called the Saudi ambassador to Baghdad, finally.
"Save Iraq's Headquarters at the Saudi embassy in the diplomatic compound in the Green Zone in the capital Baghdad.
It is said that the State of Qatar has been appointed to the 10 of this month, ambassador Extraordinary in Iraq in a sign of the return of diplomatic relations between the two countries, after a tense for years after 2003 after accusing Baghdad Doha support groups "terrorist" .