Kikhany: we need for four billion dinars for the completion of the liquidation of Abu Ghraib station


BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - Minister of Construction and Housing, Municipalities Tariq Kikhany said the ministry need to provide four billion dinars, and for the purpose of completing the liquidation of Abu Ghraib station after being destroyed by terrorist Daash gangs during the past period. I'm Kikhany (IMN) that "The ministry sent an official letter to the Economic Committee, and for the purpose of allocation of appropriate funds for the completion of the Abu Ghraib plant project," stressing that "we need four billion dinars for the purpose of completing the project." He explained that "the ministry has formed a field of a committee to follow up the repercussions of the cholera disease that several injuries in the Abu Ghraib area west of Baghdad appeared," noting that "the Commission indicated that behind the spread of the disease causes belonging to some of the exposed foods and not as a result of the water," adding that "we've adaptation efforts by providing alum and other sterile material in this region." Kikhany He continued that "the main reasons behind the Abu Ghraib station project stopped, due to the financial crisis experienced by the country." According to Mayor Abu Ghraib District Osman Nawaf earlier, that most of the water projects stalled in the district of Abu Ghraib, and we are working in coordination with the Provincial Council and the preservation of providing safe drinking water to prevent the spread of the disease, stressing that the chlorine amounts are still a few in the water honorary zone tank after examination recently.