Deputy for the National: 22 billion dinars for the reconciliation project infallible type of corruption


[Baghdad-where] the National Alliance MP Jassim Mohammed said on Sunday, that there is 22 billion dinars allocated for the project of reconciliation adopted by President Fuad Masum, returned him of "a kind of corruption," he said.
And Zkrjasm told all of Iraq [where] that "reconciliation game spent it 10 years ago a lot of money and outcome of exit Iyad Allawi rejects government once cut his privileges," adding that "the dinar exchange and one on the so reconciliations haram."
He added that "the project of reconciliation President of the Republic is a kind of corruption, noting that "there are $ 22 billion dinars allocated for the presidency for the purpose of reconciliation when he was former Vice President Iyad Allawi The View." It is said that the President Fuad Masum sought since taking office last year to launch a project of national reconciliation and stressed the make it work "by finding common ground as a basis for the unification of visions between all parties concerned, and provide realistic solutions to get the country to safety" .