Abadi reveals coup "destination" against prime minister

18:11 09/21/2015

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said on Monday, he was awaiting a number of people close to him and the coup to remove him from power.
Abadi's remarks came during a speech at the "Conference of the government must be of service" which, he said, some officials guards equal to the number three military brigades, soldiers, adding that this is not reasonable by any standard.
Abadi said that everyone is aware that many people affected by the reforms, pointing out that he does not rule out that because of their quest for a coup against him.
Abadi and held over the past months, a number of reforms approved by the Iraqi Council of Representatives included packs in addition to the cancellation of the posts of Vice President and the prime minister, decisions to reduce the number of officials and take a series of other legal proceedings.