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122 billion dinars Social Security revenues

BAGHDAD / Obelisk: Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs announced Asthsalha more than 122 billion dinars social security for workers revenues in Baghdad and the provinces except for Kurdistan region during the past seven months.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs Ammar Mnamvi statement followed the "obelisk": that the ministry is seeking to secure and expand social security benefits as a human right that guarantees live in dignity, noting that the expansion of the advantages of the branches of security is to (health insurance, and to ensure that work-related injuries, and ensuring retirement, and ensure services) is achieved through the development and perpetuation of pension fund money and ensuring workers.

He added that the Department of pension and social security for workers in the ministry achieved a revenue of 122 billion and (878) million and (588) thousand dinars as of SMN year until the end of July, indicating that the projects covered by the provisions of the law of retirement and social security number (39 ) of 1971, in the three business sectors (private, and mixed, and cooperative), it stood at (47 119) divided between Baghdad and the provinces projects

And between Menem: that social security revenues represented by (financial investment, and payment security contributions and the percentage of the amounts realized from corporate profits as well as the rent of real estate of the circle) under the laws of them (law on the sale and lease of state property No. 21 of 2013, which regulates how to invest real estate state departments of through the presentation of real estate department for rent or investment).

The first Social Security law is Law No. 27 of 1956, which provided for mandatory savings and insurance, and then released after a number of laws and amendments down to Law No. 39 of 1971 which is currently doing work.