Basra activists planned to demonstrate in Baghdad after Eid

BAGHDAD - Qusay Munther - The Coordinating Committee for demonstrations of Basra announced the cancellation of protests until after the Eid al-Adha and its intention to organize a demonstration in Baghdad within the next week.

The committee member said Haider Abdul Amir said in a statement yesterday that (the Coordinating Committee of the Organization for the demonstrations in Basra decided during the meeting to cancel all protests and activities until after the Eid al-Adha) indicating that the (next event will be in Baghdad as planned to a lot of activists visual orientation en masse to protest in Tahrir Square, will be the middle or end of next week) the demonstration.

For his part, he said civil rights activist Kazem Sahlani The (coordinating committees for the demonstrations did not all agree on the demonstration in Baghdad, but one of the committees decided to do so), explaining that (the numbers of protesters in Basra, taking the decline significantly, as well as in the capital and other provinces as a result of exposure Many activists to as well as the difficulty of the arrival of the demonstrators to the demonstrations sites as a result of the closure of roads leading to them) threats.

He pointed out that Sahlani (Government slowdown in reforms hit most of the protesters frustrated. However, the demonstrations have achieved a lot of goals and to achieve more should maintain the momentum of mass).

In Baghdad, the Coordinating Committee of the postponement of the demonstration demonstrations next Friday to coincide with the Eid al-Adha announced, saying it continues to claim the legitimate rights and sustain the momentum of the protests.

The committee said in a statement yesterday that (activists and representatives of groups participate in the protest demonstrations in Baghdad agreed to postpone the demonstration on Friday to coincide with the Eid al-Adha in order to make way for the families Baghdad to celebrate the festival given that the security forces are before the demonstration hours to cut off roads).

Le Pen labeled statement that he (decided to intensify preparations Ltazahrh on Friday after the feast Walthacad her).

The issue of the presidency of the region

On the other hand the MDC confirmed the futility of any bill submitted to the parliament of Kurdistan because of the reverse orientation of the Democratic Party against the project until resolve the issue of the presidency, noting that many of the laws are ink on paper.

The group said a member of Tavkh Ahmed Mirza (time) yesterday that (any project provides for the Parliament of the region can not take genuine and remain ink on paper without implementation, especially since the Democratic Party has the opposite direction against the project until resolve the issue of the presidency as well as the parliament does not have the authority and the overall bills parked).

She said (the region facing economic conditions as the Democratic Party tries as much as possible to extend the duration). As the voice of the regional parliament majority to be the legal and political reference for basic people, announcing the submission of a draft law to the presidency of parliament to block pornographic sites in the region.

The head of the Kurdish Islamist group in Parliament Xuan Qladzi in a statement yesterday that the (majority within the parliament voted its meeting the day before yesterday to be the legal and political basic reference for the people of Kurdistan).

He added that the (Jemaah Islamiah, a draft law submitted to the presidency of parliament to block porn sites in the region).

It considered the Kurdistan Democratic Party federal system failure in Iraq and the right of Kurds to enjoy independence.

The head of the party delegation Kamal Kirkuki yesterday in a speech at the Kurdish Democratic Union Party in Syria conference yesterday that he (the right of the people of Kurdistan to enjoy independence and self-determination), indicating that the (federal system in Iraq has failed).

He added that the (West Kurdistan is not far away from achieving his dream and get his rights), stressing the need to (unite and stand between the political parties and stand against Daash). He announced Karagoki (his party's support to resolve the Kurdish issue in Turkey).