Iraq continues to Marathon index rises

Baghdad scales News - Continued the general index of the Iraqi market for securities "ISX60" rise by the end of trading on Monday, it was up 0.59%, thus achieving growth for the fifth consecutive session, and won 5.01 points, reaching the level of 851.13 points.

And continued the values ​​of "trading in decline today for less than 592.67 million dinars, compared to the value of the trading session, on Sunday, amounting to 691.55 million dinars, as trading volume fell to 514.93 thousand shares through 544 transactions.'"

"The index today and support the rise in shares of 14 companies out of 44 companies, has traded on the stock, and prices fell 11 shares only."

And Owasal arrow "modern sewing" top stock gainers by 10% to the price of 3.08 dinars, followed by the "light industry" which retreated 9.62% to 0.57 dinars."

The "Gulf Insurance" share in the forefront of decliners by 2.63% to the price of 0.37 dinars, followed Shares "Baghdad Iraq for public transport" by 2.5% to 19.5 dinars price ".anthy 29 / d 25