US forces carried out ground patrols in Anbar
04:15: 09/21/2015

Khandan - security and military officials in Iraq, reported that US ground military reconnaissance patrols began moving in different areas of the city of Ramadi, Anbar province.

A lieutenant colonel in command of Anbar military operations on condition of anonymity, quoted by German news agency DPA's remarks, said that US ground patrols roaming exploratory daily on the gray perimeter near the line of contact with the organization "Daash" terrorist and is taking the information and the coordinates in the form of maps and periodicals It includes military tanks and armored vehicles escorted by Apache helicopters.

He added that the US military bases in Habbaniyah, who is appointed by the Assad freeze edit Anbar operations that began months ago with the participation of close to the Iraqi army and the popular crowd and the maintenance of the security file and confined, however, the leaders of the international coalition, referring to the US military intervention in the coming days.