Mayor spend Kifri resign

Twilight News / Mayor Kifri eliminate the administrative area Ckramaan in the Kurdistan region Sherko Hussein announced Monday his resignation from his post because of the deteriorating conditions of service in the judiciary.

Hussein said in the text of his resignation seen by Twilight News, he is due to a number of problems of shortfall in potable and provide electrical energy water in addition to the lack of attention to the youth of the judiciary decided to offer my resignation from my post to Ckramaan management with call for speeding in finding alternative Me.

He explained that those problems are a long time ago and are not resolved, but my powers are the powers of the Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Council, and a nutshell, I come to the conclusion that my resignation from my post is better for me.

And saw Kifri spend in the last term protest demonstrations carried out by parents Qaimmqamatha in front of the building, demanding the resignation of Sherko Hussein from office and appoint another in his place.