Economist calls for the expansion of credit card

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - called the economic expert Majid picture, the expansion of credit cards circulating through the apparatus in all shops, hotels and shopping centers as well as banks, and educate citizens the benefits of their use for the development of exchange technology.

Rafidain Bank announced, on Saturday, ironing my card adoption Card and MasterCard in employees and retirees pay the salaries, allowing for retirees who are abroad to withdraw their salaries from any ATM in any country they are in.

And said the picture's (IMN) The "declaration of Rafidain Bank on the use of cards ironing Card and MasterCard in employees and retirees pay the salaries of a good step needed to develop and expand," adding that "most of the Arab and foreign countries are using credit cards in payment of salaries and shopping monetary and trading because of their Positive effects on the citizen to keep his money from loss and theft."

And enter the Rafidain Bank, according to officials, advanced technologies in its work in line with the modern in the world banking reality and achieved quality regarding the use of the smart card boom (ironing Card) for retirees and groups covered by them after it was in the past through the receipt and manually activated at various state institutions .