Minister of the Secretariat of corruption About us

One of the workers at the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers of staff, said the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to suffer from corruption and chaos by officials and heads of departments where disclosed.

The source said, that 'Assistant Secretary General of the Provincial Affairs who claims to religiosity and fights every employee blatant do not want the veil', indicating that the 'This person has time in the elevator inside the cabinet to expel an employee of the elevator because they do not wear a veil, also issued a command penalty against another employee because they grille
and added that' this Associate fights employees dramatically and the Bastfsaizen on expulsion from the workplace without guilt just because they are unveiled ', adding that' the issue of commissions of inquiry on every employee, especially when they are asked marriage fun and rejects'.

He said 'Director Deputy Secretary-General Farhad grace Office has to do with Miss waiting Jassim which is working with two Okhunha in his office', pointing out that 'those officials at all privileges to them, has also allocated a piece of land to Ms. waiting in Kadhimiya-million dinar with it ineligible'.
The source said that 'grace Whoever stands with his face'.

He said 'assist the General Manager in the Protocol honest promoter Haidari bought shaving and gynecology at Arsat Indian district of central Baghdad, the Secretariat of allocations Salon ', adding that' Director of Training and Development Department who Kadhim Raad Ghaida former Baathis