Labour draws the optimum use of human and financial resources within its reforms

[Baghdad - where] directed the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, the need to optimize the use of human and financial resources, as part of its reform package.
According to a ministry statement, received by the agency all of Iraq [where], a copy of "The ministry is working on a package of reforms that included the expansion of social justice applications commensurate with the nature of the ministry and its terms of reference work, including the integration of converging circles nature of their work." He added that "The ministry sent a necessity optimum use of human and financial resources to come out better results ", adding that" due to the integration of [social protection for women circle the Department of Social Protection of the man, and the integration of operating and loan circle Department of vocational training, as well as the integration of administrative and financial circles legal department in one circle.
"The statement noted that "The ministry called for the importance of the concerted efforts of all the joints of the ministry in order to serve the application of social justice and equal opportunities, as well as the right man in the right place."

He explained that "the ministry is working on the transfer of powers of the three departments is [circle the repair events and the National Center for Health and Safety professional and the Department of care with special] needs, to provincial councils in a move aimed at streamlining procedures for citizens and target groups have, "noting that" the ministry is seeking to choose the senior management and the middle according to the efficiency and integrity, as well as providing Rdvae for managers of departments and people, according to the system include training and development and Calendar."

" The ministry is waiting the answer of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers on how the transfer of financial allocations from the ministry to the provinces concerned for the remainder of the current year for the period, "explaining that" the ministry is continuing its proceedings in the transfer of the powers of the Chambers of service to the provinces.
"mentions that, the ministry formed a committee Cabinet to expand the applications of social justice and to develop mechanisms for the implementation of the reforms made ​​by the Prime Minister pack aspects pertaining to their work and Achtsasatha.