Hakim renewed his support for the reform package Ebadi

[Baghdad-where] head of the Iraqi Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim renewed his support for the prime minister Haider al-Abadi and his government and to reform packages launched by. A statement by the presidency of the Supreme Council for the Agency has received all of Iraq [where] a copy of the wise, "he stressed in his interview in the office of the Baghdad elite press and media and competencies in his office in Baghdad on the importance of being a comprehensive, serious and drastic, balanced and constitutional reforms and framed a legal framework to prevent challenged, talk in detail in reforms and the need to reform policies and procedures for reform according to a comprehensive vision aimed at bugs and suitable corruption so as not cornered corruption in targeting any party affected by the reform angle.
"As al-Hakim stressed" to make security a priority at the top of priorities battle with Daash battle existence If still exist eliminating the need for reform . "and between, that" the political order form takes the space of discussions between media and academic figures, "adding," But go Iraq to a parliamentary system was not an option improvised but had the option of a deliberate deeply In the parliamentary system, the representation of all components and the infallibility of dictatorship and disadvantages difficult decision. " .
He pointed out that "the presidential system with weak institutions lead to the return of dictatorship that came out just Iraq, including," pointing out that "building strong institutions in which the melt forces per capita may make the idea of a presidential system more acceptable," recalling that "democracy known as political by the media as the best of bad choices and that the idea of justice comparative.
"The new head of the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council rejected" debt load the consequences of the failures that occurred, "explaining that" all the religious officials who stood up to the responsibility not to judge the name of Islam but ruled the status of laws and some of them extends to the past era, "noting that the" Constitution of the State, who wrote an Islamic majority of the time the system description Palmdna which respects the fundamentals of Islam, "adding that" any failure borne by the owner without pulling this failure on religious or political background.
"saw al-Hakim," the financial crisis through which Iraq today an opportunity to mobilize the Iraqi energies and activating the private sector and to allow wider to investment and give local governments the legal powers and get rid of the dilemma of the rentier state, which mortgaged its future oil price fluctuations.
"and between at the same time that" reducing the officials privileges will reduce the scramble for positions and Stakhlu arena to those who want to provide service to citizens only and are not looking for a franchise, "calling on the media to" set the expectations and ambitious citizen further to the financial crisis experienced by Iraq's first security and the challenge of Bdaash Second and political complexities Third, "warning that" the survival of corruption and wear it for more than a robe if she stays legislation Legal which performs them corrupt.
"He pointed out that" the Constitution is under attack unfair and there are half a cup filled but do not shed light on them and guide the presence of half a cup filled in the Constitution is that of refusing to defend him today are demanding their rights through with show that the materials you need modification or Switch, "calling to" address the phenomenon of proxy management responsibility in the Iraqi state, "noting that" the responsibility of all the reforms of the government and parliament and political forces ".