Central American is trying to balance between the local and the global economy growth


Looming deeply divided between Federal Reserve officials (US central bank) on the severity of the impact of the problems of the global economy on the United States may find Council President Janet Yellen difficult to heal this rift is leading discussions on the prospects of higher interest rates. Despite the Council's decision last week to postpone raising interest rates again and what looks like a consensus - it has only one member - objected to the head of the Bank of St. Louis Fed James Bullard described the meeting as "charged pressures" while participants discussed whichever is more interesting .. global Blur or maintaining a strong economy finally saw Alomraki.ovi Open Market Committee that the weakness of global demand and the possibility that weakness is going on anti-inflation measures and market fluctuations in recent calls wait to assess the full impact of these factors on the United States.
Said Bullard, who is not entitled to vote the Commission to identify policies this year that he was to join Jeffrey Wicker Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond to deviate from the consensus and expressed concern that the central bank pay more attention than necessary transformations in the financial market.
And we got down markets during the summer as a result of a sharp slowdown in China and weak global growth, leaving the Fed officials are at a loss between whether this is due to a short-term correction or whether it refers to the fundamental problems in the future.
Pollard said, "experiencing the ups and downs of markets and moves to be a surprise sometimes. That fiscal policy should be more stable."
He had said in prepared for a meeting of the Bankers Association of Illinois's remarks that he believes that the Fed's response to specific questions to keep interest rates near zero is not satisfactory.
Pollard said that the economy is near full employment and that inflation will almost certainly implying that keeping interest near zero for nearly seven years is not consistent with the economic situation in general.
Lecker said he believes that low interest rates at the moment probably does not fit with the economy in a continuous recording strong growth of consumer and labor market is characterized by an abundance of jobs rates.