In the parliamentary member of the Integrity Commission accused the judiciary and not to deal seriously with the files of corruption


[Baghdad - where] accused the Integrity Commission, the parliamentary member Adel Nouri, the Integrity Commission and the judiciary "not to deal seriously" with corrupt files that are referred to them. He said Nuri told all of Iraq [where], "I am the official spokesperson of the Committee on Parliamentary Integrity I caught a lot of files and after strenuous effort the sleepless and tired and the threat of prosecution and contacts and harassed by corrupt and terrorist international and ultramafic bodies, we get to the end of the files and take all measures and Nahilha to the judicial authorities and the Integrity Commission But we did not see a real response.
"" I'm the shortest of the integrity of the Iraqi judiciary, because they did not Icoma including must not dispose of high Bmhanh, "explaining," There reluctance on the pretext that there are a lot of files and the lack of investigators.
"However, Nuri" But I asked them when we visited and visited us Ban catch quality files to the heads of whales adults, and imprisoned to be to restore confidence between the people and the government and judicial and executive institutions.
"He stressed that" there is no serious by the party in a position to take a decision, and there is a high failure ", adding that" the duty of the House of Representatives and the Committee on Integrity Follow-up of these agencies also do not follow spoilers only and follow-up hotbeds of corruption.
"" We must follow the Integrity Commission and the Supreme Judicial Council and the follow-up performance of the investigators because we hand control of representative legislative represent the Iraqi people, and hundreds of demonstrators and all the voters of the state, so we control and follow-up of these and not only Outlaws ".
He said Nuri to the need to" follow-up action routines within departments and international institutions, including the Supreme Judicial Council and the Integrity Commission and financial control and inspectors general, "reiterating" There is a failure by all competent bodies.
"The Chairman of the Parliamentary Integrity Talal Zobaie, said that" next Kulblh days will witness the ouster of large heads of spoilers.
He said Zobaie's [where], "the task Abadi difficult especially since the heavy legacy in the fight against corruption and mafia corruption in many government departments," noting that "reforms Abadi towards corruption and weak preliminary and did not achieve ambitious Iraqis
"." There is a constant interaction with the Integrity Commission to form a field committees to follow up on corruption cases, and that the phenomenon of the formation of the supervisory committees are new precedent where began to take a purely regulatory nature ".