United Nations: the migration of more than 50 000 Iraqis in the last three months
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According to United Nations data migration of more than 50 000 Iraqis in the last three months.
She said, "Most of them have left Iraq towards Europe in the framework of a larger exodus from Syria and other areas of conflict in the Middle East Movement".
UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in Iraq and warned of the risk of increased illegal immigration, particularly of young people and families, because they affect the future of the country, demanding the government put plans to attract youth energies.
The religious authority expressed its deep concern of this migration, calling on officials to put development plans challenge them.
And it warned the Ministry of Displacement and Migration is the other of the repercussions of the continued migration of Iraqis, noting that the increase in the number of migrants will cause the displacement of the most important age group Alskan.anthy