Najafi discuss with the governor of Kirkuk, the most important developments in the face of the organization Daash

Search head Muttahidoon Osama Najafi, Sunday, with Necmettin cream governor of Kirkuk, the most important developments to counter the terrorist organization Daash. According to a statement of the coalition he received ( and the Iraqi News Agency Information / INA ) that "Najafi today Star demographic cream Kirkuk governor met During the meeting, they discussed various topics of mutual interest, including developments in the confrontation against al Daash terrorist, the domestic situation in the province and the relationship between the components in it."
The statement added that "Najafi put forward his vision for the future and the foundations of the national strategy and relations between members of the same governorate as to ensure the interests of all citizens."
Najafi and stressed "the importance of following up and addressing the abuses that occurred against Arab villages after the liberation of the organization Daash, where the governor promised to prevent the recurrence of any abuse, and do not let the attack on the rights of citizens in these villages."
The statement "to discuss the political and security situation and listen to the views of the analytical, and the exchange of views that would respond to the nature of the challenges facing Iraq. As Nujaifi called on the governor of Kirkuk to the speed of choosing the head of the provincial council so as to enhance the spirit of brotherhood and cooperation between the conservative components."