Parliamentary economy offers 50 proposals to the government on the 2016 budget: the national product notably

Special scales News - Detection of the economic and investment commission in Parliament member Mohammed Abbas, Sunday, to provide his committee 50 proposals to the central government's support on the 2016 budget, noting that the most prominent of these proposals activating the role of national companies in supporting the national economy, local products.

Abbas said L / scales News / "The committee has prepared a proposal for a special plan provided through which 50 proposals detailed extensively government on the support 2016 budget and bridging the fiscal deficit through discussion and study of the Council of Ministers to be integrated within the draft budget law," noting that "the trend towards creating an environment optimal investment being discussed and mount it in order to bring international companies to invest in the country."

He said the economic and investment commission member of the parliamentary "The most prominent of those proposals included the activation of the agricultural sector as fully as possible and stimulate the local product movement in the market and stimulate national industrial companies through the production of local goods and goods as well as embark on finding alternative resources through customs tariff and tax and collection and rehabilitation of the oil sector and other detailed proposals "pointing out that" the revitalization of the private sector is the most important in the government's economic policy."

It is said that "the parliamentary finance committee member Sarhan Ahmed Sarhan said, Sunday, that the 2016 budget will not be equivalent to the real fiscal deficit in Iraq and can not be relied upon entirely because it is" speculative, "noting that he can not be of the oil market to submit to the Iraqi government."

It is said that, "spokesman for the Office of Prime Minister Saad al-Hadithi said, earlier, that the budget of 2016 takes a long time for her studies," It is clear from the draft budget prepared recently that "the fiscal deficit which reached 29 trillion dinars" law. Finished / 29 / D 24