Government launches a website for the issuance of building permits 9/20
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Thread: Government launches a website for the issuance of building permits 9/20

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    Government launches a website for the issuance of building permits 9/20

    Government launches a website for the issuance of building permits

    Long-Presse / Baghdad - The Iraqi government announced on Sunday, announced the launch of the developer system for issuing building permits in Iraq, which will be able citizen from obtaining a construction permit via the Website without a review of the relevant department, and with the Ministry of Construction and Housing confirmed train 1100 employees in connection with construction permits, the secretariat of Baghdad pointed out that the system It will be applied experimentally in two circles two municipalities will be circulated to all the municipalities of Iraq by the end of this year.

    Said Deputy Minister of Construction and Housing Aestbrq Ibrahim thorns, in an interview with a number of media, including (range Press), on the sidelines of the launch of the Developer Conference System for issuance of building permits in Iraq, which was held at the Rashid Hotel in central Baghdad, today, "it was the launch of the electronic form for the purpose of obtaining leave the building, "noting that" citizens can now sitting in his house to get the construction permit without a review of the municipal departments through the completion of the required supplies through electronic form".

    Thorns and added that "the program will allow the citizen to pay fees and taxes through electronic software in a simple style and concept," adding that "it was the training of 1100 employees in the various relevant agencies that specialize in construction permits".

    Thorns and continued that "the electronic application for the project launch will be this month on a trial basis in the municipalities of people and Karkh, as would be applied in all the municipalities of Iraq, including the municipalities of the Kurdistan region early next year 2015", stressing at the same time, that "the fees paid electronically through (Visa Card ) and other Kartat payment or payment of fees through a review of the municipal departments."

    For his part, Mayor of Baghdad, confirmed the anniversary Alloush in an interview with the (long-Presse), that "the project to obtain the construction permit via the Internet will reduce the time to get a building permit will be able citizen to get a building permit from his home through an electronic system via the Internet," adding "We have Our work on this project during the past three years in order to apply it in a practical way."

    She stressed Alloush, that "the project will shorten a lot of action at the same time ensure the safety of these legal proceedings," pointing out that "the project will be implemented as a first stage in the municipalities of Karkh and the people at the end of the year project will be mandatory for all municipalities for commercial and residential construction leave."

    It is noteworthy that obtaining a construction permit takes a long time up to 187 days to get it, and under this system, access to the vacation of construction will be the citizen can get a degree in less than two weeks.

    The head of the Iraqi Council of Ministers Haider al-Abadi was launched, on Thursday, (June 11, 2015) National Campaign to simplify government procedures using information technology "under the slogan (your government at your service), and with its promise" the beginning of the first step to reduce red tape and excess episodes that strain the citizen ", he stressed "The task is not easy."

    It is noteworthy that the government launched before the period of the e-government project, which is a modern system based on the use of the World Wide Web, the Internet, in linking the state institutions to each other, and linking the various services private institutions and the general public, and the development of the information available to individuals in order to create a transparent relationship is characterized by fast and precision and aims to improve the quality of performance, and is believed to be the first use of the term "e-government" had been received in the former US President Bill Clinton's speech in 1992.
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