Hakim: We reject load "religion" the consequences of government failures

Brother - Baghdad -
President of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim expressed his refusal to load the consequences of the debt of government failures, and denounced as "unjust attack" on the constitution, he stressed that Iraq go to the parliamentary system was an option "deliberate" the "infallibility" of dictatorship.

Hakim said in a statement that he supports the prime minister Haider al-Abadi and his government and the reform packages launched by stressing "the importance of a comprehensive, serious and drastic, balanced and constitutional reforms and framed a legal framework prevents be challenged."

Hakim added that "go Iraq to a parliamentary system was not improvised choice but the choice deliberate deeply In the parliamentary system, the representation of all components and the infallibility of the dictatorship, and its disadvantages difficult decision", adding that "the presidential system with weak institutions lead to the return of dictatorship that just emerged Iraq them."

Hakim renewed his refusal to "the consequences of the debt load failures that occurred," adding that "all the religious officials who stood up to the responsibility not to judge the name of Islam but ruled the status of some of the laws and extends to the past era."

He explained that "the state constitution, which I wrote at the time the majority of the Islamic system description Palmdna which respects the fundamentals of Islam," noting that "any failure borne by the owner without pulling this failure on religious or political background."

Hakim said that "the Constitution is under attack unfair and there are half a cup filled but do not shed light on them and guide the presence of half a cup filled in the Constitution is that of refusing to defend him today are demanding their rights through with show that the materials you need modification or switch."