Damluji: freedom of expression law draft on the table for approval

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He criticized the Chairperson of the Commission of Culture and Information parliamentary Mason Aldlogi, Sunday, delay in approving the freedom of expression and assembly and peaceful protest law, saying he was still on the table for approval.

Damluji said in a statement to Agence / information /, said that "freedom of expression and assembly and peaceful protest law is very important and the majority of political blocs have agreed to delay it passed, but without legal justification is something that needs to be reviewed."

She added that "a meeting recently between the committees of human rights and culture and information with the heads of blocs discussed the final wording of the law," adding that "the law will be included on the agenda at the earliest session after Eid al-Adha."

She stressed Damluji, that "this law awaited by many and that approval would be a victory for all intellectuals, who seek to express their opinions," noting that "there are no any opposition to this law of any political bloc, but there were notes on it all."Finished / 2