Infallible announce the launch project for reconciliation after the feast

Twilight News / president of the republic Fuad Masum, the detection of the completion of the project of reconciliation in the country poses after Eid al-Adha.

Masum said in an interview with the Middle East, the newspaper of London, that the debate about national reconciliation for the past ten years was just talk is useless, and it was more like the Byzantine controversy, pointing to the existence of an integrated project of reconciliation between Iraqi parties has been completed, is expected to be put forward after Eid to be there is the concept of reconciliation with all internal groups, and includes a comprehensive vision, especially after it has been limited to the subject of reconciliation, however, the three presidencies after he was distracted between several parties.

On the current situation in Iraq, President Masum said, "the current demonstrations in the country was necessary to awaken the politicians from the long slumber, given the economic, security and political situation affecting the country, added to that the support of the religious authority for these demonstrations, which granted considerable momentum."

Infallible and pointed out that the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi "did not consult with us as the oldest him of reforms packages, but it was necessary in order to achieve a comprehensive review of everything, especially that we are in the situation it is difficult to deal with, without causing serious review of all things, and in the introduction to what we suffer the risk is the threat posed by (Daash) in its occupation of large areas of Iraq."

He expressed his conviction that the infallible "This danger does not go away without for genuine reconciliation between the political and popular circles in Iraq, the fact that (Daash) has led to split a community get so serious and divisions have reached to all the places."