Abadi, alluding to the Maliki government degradation economy witnessed a huge explosion, government spending

Saturday 19-09-2015 | 1:32:11

Twilight News / criticized Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi massive government spending that witnessed in previous years, depending on the rise in oil prices in global markets, as reiterated that his government has developed a strategy to overcome the economic crisis facing the country after the fall in oil prices.

Ebadi said in his speech during the conference (TEDx) Baghdad fifth to take care of the young and talented and to provide ideas, we hope that the young people of this nation and strive to form a Foundation sponsored, there is the potential for young people to be exploited, and development for the country's development and prosperity.

He added that the country faces many challenges and the most important of our battle with Daash terrorist gangs who wants to kill our children and destroy our country and we must Ndtlahm for confrontation and victory over the enemy.

He went on the Prime Minister, saying that the challenges we face will lead to our exit victorious and we started pace of reform of the partnership between the private and public sector and private sector development, and we launched the first two initiatives by firing five trillion dinars of loans valuable areas of industry, agriculture, housing and the second launch trillion dinars small-scale projects, which will be used to young people.

Abadi pointed to the existence of a defect in the system require work, strategies and legislation to overcome them and this requires time for its implementation, noting that previous years have seen a huge explosion of government spending depending on the survival of high oil prices but are now seeing a decline in this price and we have to cut back government spending and we started in this matter as the We have a strategy to revitalize other sectors and not total reliance on oil to increase the national product.

He said the quest and continue seeking will lead to a result and have emerged victorious against the challenges we face and we have a great opportunity to progress to what we possess of my youth community has a great potential to build the country.