Parliamentary Integrity attack the Iraqi judiciary: not serious follow-up files of corruption

09/19/2015 18:24 pm (Baghdad time)

Special - scales News
Accused of the Integrity Committee member of the parliamentary Ribawar Taha, Saturday, the Iraqi judiciary not to seriousness in following up the files of corruption, pointing out that the public prosecutor's response to evidence of the existence of the corruption of some files that permanently closed.

Taha said L / scales News / "The Integrity Commission, the parliamentary ended its investigation in a number of large files, which includes suspicions of corruption and has proved irrefutable evidence of corruption in those files were converted to eliminate," pointing out that "the public prosecutor's response to the Committee that those files were the final closure of the investigation and some are under investigation. "

He said a member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee that "it is reasonable to take the investigation into those files since 2011 to today," and accused the judiciary "not being serious in open those files and accounting mischief."

The "Integrity Committee member of the parliamentary Adel Nouri detection, Wednesday, receiving members of his committee threatened to" kill "in the absence of the closure of the investigation into some of the files that contain a large suspicions of corruption" .anthy 29/28