Hassan: Allawi tries to disrupt the reforms through his call for change Abadi

Baghdad scales News - Called the National Alliance MP Mahmoud al-Hassan, the Sabbath, the need to stand firm and strong against all those who try to disrupt government reforms announced by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and that by demanding change of prime minister.

Hassan said in a statement received / scales News / copy of it, that "those reforms which have gained legitimacy after the House of Representatives approval and implementation of the bulk of them, especially the reduction of high-ranking officials' salaries continued to work them or retired and withdraw regiments Hamayatem that cost the state treasury a lot of money and cancel Special provisions for Mozvien exclusively in the three presidencies."

He added that "all these things led to resentment leaders and the leaders of some political blocs they began to threaten their own interests, forgetting so that these reforms came under the guidance of the Supreme religious authority in Najaf of Eminence Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani and demands legitimate Mtazahrien national and fashions that you want to fix Iraq ".

He stressed that "it is now demanding change Prime Minister under the pretexts have been exposed to all as the fulfillment of national reconciliation and not to marginalize the components of the people is without a doubt been affected by government reforms evidence that some officials had to sue before the Supreme Federal Court to challenge paper reforms to retrieve their posts and privileges that have abolished reforms government."

"Where were these things when they formed the government and they were part of it and they get positions and privileges Keyad Allawi and Osama Najafi, who has filed a lawsuit to challenge paper reforms, a move contrary to the directives of good reference and disregard demands legitimacy of the citizens in the achievement of social justice and the eradication of corruption, which was established quotas partisan and sectarian, and some Laws initiated earlier. "

And prominently Hassan "has nothing to do with national reconciliation or marginalization of certain components of the people and which are intended not to take the approval of leaders of political blocs reforms," ​​pointing out that "Allawi issued a statement yesterday demanding the change the prime minister, so they claimed all the political blocs honest people to support the government to move forward to complete the implementation of Paper reforms to be carried out of the country from the financial crisis and the elimination of corruption and slack in state institutions and stimulate the private sector. "

The head of the national coalition, Iyad Allawi, yesterday called for a review of the formation of the power of implementation and choose someone "mighty to save Iraq." End quote / 29 / d 24

Allawi said in a statement, "The political and security situation and cases of kidnapping and the continued presence of Daash maximum necessarily requires reconsideration of the formation of the executive branch and the brothers in the biggest bloc] commissioned a mighty reject unilateralism, of who is paying attention to the political consensus and the Constitution and laws while adjusting some of its paragraphs, to save the country than they are in it," referring to the National Alliance to nominate an alternative to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, who belongs to the coalition person.

Allawi also stressed "the need to participate in this government, the main political coalitions leaders and some of the forces of the popular movement, as well as some of the forces that are still outside the political process by consensus and without marginalization, to move the country to the shores of safety and security and the elimination of Daash, extremism and restore Iraqi house in order and to hold accountable corrupt by the laws of political and military executives and thieves of public money ".anthy