The central bank regulates the live auction for the sale of Hawwalath end of this month
Date: 09/19/2015 09:31

Due to the central bank regulates the twenty-ninth of this month, a live auction for the sale of Hawwalath for 91 days at $ 200 billion dinars emissivity.
The official newspaper "morning" its issue on Saturday, said that "This auction will carry the No. c146, a twentieth of its kind within the central plan for the issuance of remittances term of 91 days and the same amount during the current year," and expressed hope that the full amount of Asdarih sale to those who It will take part in it. "
She noted that "the central systems in the fifteenth of this month, an auction for the sale of Hawwalath Asdarih and for themselves," asserting that "it was during auctions Asdarih the full amount of the sale and the price of a multi-utility and the highest discount rate stood at 4.60 percent."
She said that "the number of participants in the auction 6 beneficiaries, noting won four national banks, retirement and body care department and the amounts provided by minors."
The central plan to issue Hawwalath for this year included the establishment of 26 live auction auctions in each month except for the months of March and September as it witnessed the establishment of 3 Auctions. Finished / 25