Allawi calls for a change of prime minister

Allawi calls for a change of prime minister

BAGHDAD - News Today - She called the National Coalition leader, Iyad Allawi, on Friday, to change the prime minister Haider al-Abadi and commissioned "a mighty" instead, stressing the need to reconsider the executive branch and the involvement of some of the forces of "popular movement" and some of the forces that are still outside the political where the process.
Allawi said in a statement received by the agency news of the day a copy of it, that "the situation in Iraq descended to dangerous levels will lead to a great cause danger to our people decent and our country, and that this collapse of security represented by explosions and kidnappings extended Organization and assassinations will be continued to inform damage our people Aziz" .

Allawi said that "the protests demanding rights for months, have not achieved any result did not respond to the ruling authority for any claims seriously, and that the continued occupation Daash terrorist for a number of major cities and provinces of Iraq and the various towns next to the large deficits and dangerous and accumulated in Iraq's budget and rising tensions across the country and deficit The current government in the face of this situation and find successful solutions to solve problems, particularly the rights to respond to the demanding all this requires a maximum necessarily reconsider the formation of the executive branch. "

Allawi called "the brothers in the (biggest bloc) to assign a mighty reject unilateralism of who is paying attention to the political consensus and the Constitution and laws while adjusting some of its paragraphs to save the country than they are in it," stressing the importance of "taking part in this government's main political coalitions and some of the forces of the popular movement leaders as well as some of the forces that are still outside the political process by consensus and without marginalization to move the country to the shores of safety and security and the elimination of Daash, extremism and restore Iraqi house in order and to hold accountable corrupt according to the laws of political and military executives and thieves of public money. "

He stressed the need to "accelerate the achievement of reconciliation and national unity in Iraq and build a professional and national state institutions able to provide proper services to our people and to protect it from its enemies."